Polyclinic Sunce – Agram

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Polyclinic Sunce – Agram

Trg međunarodnog prijateljstva 20, 71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 755 547
+387 33 755 560
+387 33 755 561



About Us

Polyclinic Sunce – Agram in Sarajevo is the first polyclinic part of the system Koncerna Agram, the biggest private health insurance company in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, established in the region of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Also it is the first, biggest and most modern private health care establishment and diagnostic centre in the region.

Polyclinic Sunce – Agram is a health care institution registered for internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology and general internal, radiology, gynaecology, neurology, laboratory diagnostics, ophthalmology, urology and cytology. Bosna – Sunce insurance is carrying a program of voluntary health insurance in Polyclinic Sunce – Agram through policies of voluntary health care insurance, thus policy Exclusive: Silver and Gold types of  policies: Ls, Lm, L, XL, XXL and policy I.

In the polyclinic located on the main road leading towards the centre of Sarajevo, in the nicely designed space of 2000 square feet surface, you will be welcomed by an expert and kind medicine staff made of top doctors, medicine and administrative staff.

The goal of the polyclinic is to offer you the best solution for your health problems by providing comprehensive medicine service as per highest standards of leading private global institutions and the team work of our top experts. Maximal devotion to the patient, with the accent on sophisticated equipment and the availability of preventive and non invasive diagnostic methods provides a possibility of early detection and treatment of a large number of diseases.  Polyclinic Sunce is a system made of 10 polyclinics with 300 employees, from which more than 100 are doctors, specialist or subspecialist. Special attention is focused on preserving top class medicine staff and therefore all our polyclinics are comprised of top medical experts only.

This upmost equipped medical centre provides you with the comfort and ensures a fast, efficient and precise diagnostics. The individuals insured by the Bosna – Sunce health insurance, just as other regular patients, can choose a quality medical service and perform the desired examinations in the time they find most suitable to them with maximal flexibility, no waiting time, and all in one place in a pleasantly designed space. The availability of medical findings is ensured to be in the shortest time possible.



Physical examination

  • Clinical medical examination  
  • ECG
  • X-Ray of the heart and lungs [the indication]    
  • Breast examinations (ultrasound to 40 years patients, mammography if over 40 years)    
  • Abdominal ultrasound   
  • Gynaecological exam and Pap test, gynaecological ultrasound    
  • Ultrasound prostate and PSA (PSA in men over 40 years)   
  • Laboratory tests (CBC, glucose, creatinine, bilirubin, urate, CRP, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, AST, ALT, GGT, ALP, potassium, sodium, calcium, urine)

Medical examinations

  • Laboratory tests referred to in Article 14 of the General Conditions for VHI        
  • X-ray diagnostics of all systems                     
  • Ultrasound - Colour Doppler of blood vessels and organs, ultrasound control pregnancy                                  
  • Magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] of all organs            
  • Computed tomography [CT and MDCT] of all organs          
  • Mammography              
  • Densitometry         
  • Holter ECG, Holter blood pressure, exercise test        
  • Gastroscopy, rektoskopija, colonoscopy         
  • Cytological diagnosis and other services Polyclinic Sun - Agram except those listed in paragraph 7 article 14 of General Conditions for VHI

Specialist examination

  • Internist [Cardiology, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, diabetologist]            
  • Neurologists          
  • Gynaecologists                 
  • Urologists                  
  • Ophthalmologists         
  • Cytologist        
  • Laboratory diagnostics        
  • Surgeons *      
  • Proctologist *           
  • Physiatrist *       
  • ENT *    
  • Radiology *


Prim.dr. Taib DelićGynecologist, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist
dr.med. Aida Zujović-AjanovićGynecologist, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist
Prim.dr. Nina JurićSpecialist in Clinical Cytology
Prim.dr. Naida ZjajoInternist, Internal Medicine Specialist
dr.sc. Muris IbralićRadiologist, Radiology Diagnostic Specialist
mr.sc. Sanja ŠehovićRadiologist, Radiology Diagnostic Specialist
mr.sc. Maida ĆelamInternist, Internal Medicine Specialist
Prof.dr. Lidija Lincender-CvijetićRadiologist, Radiology Diagnostic Specialist
Prof.dr. Jovan DimitrijevićNeurologist Specialist
prim.dr. Šerif BešlićRadiologist, Radiology Diagnostic Specialist
Prof.dr. Branko StanimirovićGynecologist, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist
Prim.dr. Jasmina Arslanagić ZubanRadiologist, Radiology Diagnostic Specialist
dr.sc. Srđan Gornjaković, Specialist in Gastroenterohepatology
Dr.sci. Azra Husić-SelimovićSpecialist in Gastroenterohepatology
mr.sc. Jasmina BajrovićRadiologist, Radiology Diagnostic Specialist
dr.sc. Zulejha MerhemićRadiologist, Radiology Diagnostic Specialist
dr.sc. Nermina BešlićNuclear Medicine Specialist
Prim.dr. Kaćuša DžirloNeurologist Specialist
mr.sc. Senad Drnda,Neurologist Specialist
dr.med. Nermin ZecOphthalmologist Specialist
dr.med. Rusmir AjanovićInternist Cardiologist