Polyclinic “Kardiocentar” Sarajevo

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Polyclinic “Kardiocentar” Sarajevo

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About Us

Polyclinic “Kardiocentar” was established with an aim to provide the patients with the highest level of professional service in the area of cardiology. Its founder, Dr. Adnan Delić and Dr. Jasmin Čaluk, spend more than ten years working in leading facilities for treatments of heart disease in Bosnia and Herzegovina, firstly in the Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases UKC Tuzla, and then in the Centre for Heart BiH in Tuzla. Their everyday practice consisted of solving complicated forms of heart disease. Including the practical work, Dr. Caulk and Dr. Delić have undergone continuous education in numerous facilities in Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland and other countries, form which many are considered to be the world class institutions of the cardiology field. Combined experience of Dr. Delić and Dr. Čaluk is best illustrated by the following data:

  • More than ten thousand coronary angiographies performed
  • More than two thousand of installed stents
  • Over  three hundred installed pacemakers and cardioverter defibrillators
  • Over ten thousand ultrasound examinations done
  • Over thousand ergonometries and holters installed

Professional work of Dr. Čaluk and Dr. Delić has left a significant impact in the professional circles trough many published works in domestic and international magazines as well as books in international and domestic publishing. They are amongst the rare doctor’s from our country that presented their work and lectured on various international congresses (European congress of cardiologist Munich, EuroPCR Paris, ECC Lausanne, Istanbul Update International Cardiology Meeting). All of the knowledge and experience stated above is built into “Kardiocentar” and placed at your disposal.

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Mr.Dr. Adnan DelićCardiologist, Interventional Cardiologist
Prof.dr.sc.med. Jasmin ČalukCardiologist, Interventional Cardiologist