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Polyclinic “dr. Gežo”

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Polyclinic “dr. Gežo”

Mustafe Kamerića 10, Gradačačka 29a, 71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 450 102
+387 33 526 400
+387 33 450 102
+387 33 526 400

Working hours

Monday - Friday

   09:00 - 19:00


   09:00 - 17.00




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About Us

Welcome to our medical institution and thank you for choosing polyclinic “dr. Gežo” to solve your health issues. Here, we provide ORL services from 12.09.1997. We started as a specialized ordination for diseases of ear, nose and throat, and on 3.04.2003. we registered as a polyclinic “dr. Gežo”. We provide a complete medical and surgical program for treatment of children and adults. We devote ourselves especially to solving problems in the area of ears, nose, sinuses, throat, neck, face and facial nerve.

Statutory authorisation:

  • Decision of the Ministry of Health of the Canton Sarajevo
  • Decision of the Cantonal Court of Sarajevo m.b. 2-73/2/03-04.2003.god.

Best medical service is based on the understanding between doctors and patients. Our doctors are insisting on open and honest discussion about your expectations, as well as your understandings of our diagnose and treatment. As our patients you will be treated with respect and care.

To obtain the most out of diagnostics and treatment, it is required that your carry out all the instructions given by your doctor. From July 2005. We have been performing surgeries in the area of ears, nose and throat with diode laser.



Ambulatory services

  • The first specialist examination
  • Each check-up
  • Rhinometry
  • Removing foreign bodies from the ear (incl. Plug resin) or nose (displacement)
  • Showering wound or defect of skin or mucous membranes in ORL
  • Drug application in the ear canal and nasal hall
  • Haemostasis (diathermy, laser)
  • Toilets in acute or chronic inflammation of the middle ear cavity or after the radical trepanation of the temples bone
  • Primary surgical processing of the wound in the area of ENT
  • Tonal audiometry
  • Timpanometry
  • Reflexometry
  • Ultrasound examination of the sinuses
  • VTG by Kobraku
  • VTG by Adan
  • Advising parents / guardians
  • Wound bandages with and without sewing
  • Incision of peritonsillar abscess
  • Nasal packing
  • Rear nasal packing
  • The injection (parenteral) therapy
  • Inhalation cocktail (one dose)
  • Infusion therapy
  • Home visit
  • Nasal swab
  • throat swab
  • ear swab
  • One day (24 hours) stay in the hospital clinic after surgery
  • Every other day (living room) + (lodging)

Ear surgeries

  • Cosmetic operative correction of ear shape
  • Reconstruction of a narrow canal
  • Incision of the eardrum and the evacuation of inflammatory content from the middle ear
  • Incision of the eardrum, evacuation inflammatory content from the middle ear and installation of ventilation tubes in the eardrums
  • The reconstruction of the eardrum (Myringoplastica)
  • Mastoidectomy, reconstruction of the eardrum and ossicular chain (Tympanoplastica)
  • Surgery opening and insight into the state of the middle ear (Tympanoscopio)
  • Radical surgery opening of the middle ear without saving the last wall of the ear (Tympanomastoidectomio) or audit preformed ear surgery
  • Stapedoplasty with otosclerosis with the installation of prostheses stirrups
  • Surgical installation of cochlear implants
  • Surgical  installation "Sound Bridge"

Nose and sinus surgeries

  • Surgery of the nasal septum (Septoplastica)
  • Cosmetic surgery of the nasal pyramid and barrier-closed method (Rhinoseptoplastica)
  • Cosmetic surgery of the nasal pyramid and barrier-open method (Decorticatio pyramidis)
  • Creating communication between the nose and upper jaw with sinus
  • Radical surgery of the upper jaw sinuses (sinus Traepanatio maxilla. Secc C-L)
  • Closing the communication between the mouth and upper jaw sinuses by removing teeth from the upper jaw (Plastica fistulae oroantralis)
  • Functionality through the nose (endoscopic) sinus surgery (FESS)
  • Opening cells of the sitka by external method of Communications between the nose and frontal sinus
  • Osteoplastic frontal sinus surgery (frontal sinus Trepanatio secc Tato)

Pharynx Surgeries (throat and neck)

  • The surgery of the third tonsil (Adenectomio)
  • The surgery of the third tonsil, incision of eardrums and installation of ventilation tubes
  • Surgery of palatine tonsils (Tonsillectomio)
  • Surgery of all three tonsils, incision of eardrums and installation of ventilation tubes
  • The surgery of the third and palatine tonsils (Adenotonsillectomio)
  • Direct laryngoscopy of  hypopharynx, endolarynx, oesophagus with probationary biopsy
  • Surgery of congenital cyst (fistula) in the neck
  • Extirpation of sub mandibular salivary glands
  • EXTIRPATION of outer lobe parotid
  • Endoscopy parotid  and sub mandibular glands
  • Extirpation (removal) of nodes in the neck
  • Small surgeries (face, neck, limbs, body)
  • Malignant tumours of the facial skin


Doc.dr.sc.med. Gežo AlijaOtorhinolaryngology Specialist
Prim.dr.spec. Bilal BerzadAnesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist
Dr. spec. Semir ZekovićOtorhinolaryngology Specialist
Dr.spec. Adis ŠahinovićOtorhinolaryngology Specialist
dr.med. Anid GežoOtorhinolaryngology Specialist
Mirza MušićMedical Technician
Nevzet GorčevićMedical Technician




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