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mportanne centar IV sprat, Sarajevo, Ivana Ribara 15, 75000 Tuzla
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About Us

Driven only by our own ideas we have been creating our centre for years. We started working in 5th moth of 1998 and from then onwards the centre radiates with positive energy, glows with worm emotions, mirroring our own energy. Architecturally unique ambient filled with sounds of relaxing music and intoxicated aromatized scents appeals to all of your senses, renews the life force and takes you away from the everyday stress. From the initial 40 square meters we’ve grown into 10 times larger centre that functions in 3 differently equipped parts.

  1. Dermatological practice and laser centre

(All services are performed by the Prof. Dr. Specialist of dermatology in cooperation with educated staff) In the dermatological practice you can receive the service of dermatological examination –initial diagnostics and recommendation for the most sophisticated therapy and solution of dermatological problems are performed by prof. Dr. Sci. Med. Edin Suljagić, dermatologist whose professional achievements and results have been verified by numerous satisfied patients from the entire region. By constantly educating himself, prof.  Suljagić provides his patients with the world most sophisticated therapies of classic and modern dermatology. Introducing the first laser –  the Mediostar laser for permanent removal of unwanted hair, in 2001- we started the cooperation of dermatological cosmetic centre Farah with a German company Asclepion - the European leader in production of laser for application in dermatology. Until 2011 we acquired 9 more lasers and made Tuzla and DKC Farah , alongside with Trieste and Prague, a referent centre for educative trainings in the field of laser dermatology and dermatosurgery. Acknowledging the fierce work, large number of clients and fascinating results, the German company Asclepion has declared the Dermatological cosmetically centre Farah an educative centre of dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons for work on their brand lasers. Every year we perform detailed planning and very successful education of doctors for the region proving that Dermatologist cosmetic centre Farah is always striving to be one step ahead of our time.

  1. Cosmetic – massage centre for treating and care of problematic and healthy skin and relaxation of the body(all services are done as per high criteria and determined by an educated beautician – physiotherapist) cosmetic services are provided by 13 beautician – physiotherapies with a passed state exam, educated in Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade, Opatija, Rogaška Slatina. Under the supervision of Prof. Suljagić and constant education in the country and overseas, with their knowledge and specific approach they devoted their life purpose to health, beauty and satisfaction of their clients.
  2. Expected. Unexpected. Unforgettable! FARAH ACADAY SPA centre for achieving the balance of mind, body and spirit. Proud on our laser dermatological and cosmetic part of our centre we provide our clients with an incredible ability of enjoying in traditional Bosnian atmosphere. Hot tub, Finnish sauna, Turkish sauna, showers of experience and relax room with music and cave experience in the centre of the city jams – almost impossible to describe with words. Our associate will take care of your comfort during your visit, serving you refreshing drinks and reflexive foot massage to make sure that your visit with us will remain unforgettable. Combining powerful clinic knowledge of medical profession from the field of dermatology and SPA elements, our academy treatments are effective and accomplishing our mission: to our regular and potential clients, with our traditional and modern medical techniques, in every moment we offer a solution to skin problems and many possibilities of conserving your vitality, health and creativity in different life cycles.




Prof. dr.sci. med. Edin SuljagićDermatologist/ Dermatovenerologist