Polyclinic Svjetlost Sarajevo

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Polyclinic Svjetlost Sarajevo

Dr. Mustafe Pintola 23, 71210 Sarajevo
+387 33 762 772
+387 33 762 771




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About Us

Clinic Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmological institution in the region located in 4 locations: in Zagreb, where parent institution is, in Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Split.

In Sarajevo it is located inside the hotel Hollywood, and is designed along the lines of the similar centres of medical expertise in the world. It extends on the surface of 600 m2 and is composed of large waiting room for the reception of patients, three medical offices, diagnostic centre and a surgery block with two surgical halls, a room for pre surgical preparation of the patients and a room for sterilization.

Under the lead of the founder of the clinic Svjetlost, prof. Dr. Sc. Nikica Gabrić and the medical director of polyclinic Svjetlost Sarajevo, prof. Dr. Sc. Amila Alikadić Husović, our top team of experts will take a good care of your eyes.

Team Clinic Svjetlost is composed of over 30 specialist ophthalmologists, 20 residents, and over 60 of other medical and administrative staff.  We have successfully performed more than 50.000 surgical procedures to date.

Clinic Svjetlost is the only institution in the region that provides a complete ophthalmological service. The services we offer are laser vision correction, implanting factual lenses for the correction of high dioptre, cataract surgery with implantation of multifocal and trifocal lenses, complete ophthalmological diagnostics, treatment of diseases of retina (back part of the eye), operation of glaucoma etc.

Aside of the aforementioned, after the complete diagnostic is performed, and if necessary, we can direct you to more complicated surgical procedures like transplant of retail or vitrectomy, which we do in our clinic in Zagreb.




Mr.sci. dr. Melisa Ahmedbegović PjanoOphthalmologist, Ophthalmologist Specialist
dr.med. Senad GriševićOphthalmologist, Ophthalmologist Specialist
Dr. med. Adi PašalićOphthalmologist, Ophthalmologist Specialist
dr.med. Ajla PidroOphthalmologist Specialist
dr.med. Alma BiščevićOphthalmologist, Ophthalmologist Specialist