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NALAZ – institute for biomedical diagnostics and examination

Hasana Brkića 2 (Shoping centar Grbavica) , 71000 Sarajevo
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About Us

Institute for biomedical diagnostics and examination NALAZ is an international project with a goal to open new possibilities of scientific research work in Bosnia and Herzegovina providing its citizens laboratory diagnostics services that follow modern medical standards.

NALAZ provides scientific research opportunities for talented, curious, creative, young and other researchers, assisting them to turn their ideas into work. In Institute NALAZ they will gain laboratory skills and theoretical knowledge. Team of experience scientists will help them to prepare projects and present them in various domestic and international competitions.

NALAZ provides microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, cytology, haematology and genetic analyses to all those in need for these type of services. Spectre of presented analysis will constantly be changing and upgrading in accordance with the latest scientific standards and achievements, epidemiological situation and user demands. In the beginning the focus was on the reproductive health of the citizens, including analysis for diagnostics of infertility of men and women, sexually transmitted diseases and oncogene viruses.

In communication with scientists involved in the work of the Institute NALAZ, solutions for expert and scientific problems are being researched in the field of microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, cytology, infectology, epidemiology, hygiene etc.

Mission of the Institute NALAZ is twofold: to create a new original scientific culture in researching biomedicine and to raise the quality of laboratory diagnostics to the highest level, while holding onto the utmost world standards of scientific work, style and ethics.

Institute NALAZ owns sophisticated equipment that enables fast and correct diagnostics of all diseases. Beside the base laboratory equipment, like: biosafety cabinet level II, microscopes, autoclaves, thermostats, water baths, different types of centrifuges, automatic monoclonal and multi – channel pipettes, thermal units, scales, burners, etc., we possess modern machines for serological and molecular diagnostics and base biochemistry and molecular biology.  

Three systems are used for serological diagnostics: Axsym – Abbott, Vidas – BioMerieux and Hycor – Biomedica.

Another three systems are used for molecular diagnostics : RealTime PCT systems: Cepheid SmartCycler, NucliSENS – BioMerieux and Abbott m2000 RT.



Infections of genital and urinary system – diseases transmitted with sexual contact (STD)

Sexually transmitted diseases HPV

Centre for HPV for of infections




Infections transmitted through blood

Infections of the digestive tract

Zoonosis ; disease of humans and animals

Infection of the respiratory system

Infections on genital and urinary system – sexually transmitted diseases

Infections related to pregnancy, parameters related to fertility and neonatal infections

Male and Female infertility

Diagnostics of infertility

Causes of infertility

Reproductive health

Doctors/Employers Mirsada HukićMicrobiology Specialist
Dženita ŠeljmoBA in Biology, MA in Microbiology
Ajeta ČomorBA in MLD Engineering, MA in Microbiology
Aida DračićVeterinary Medicine Doctor, Microbiologist Specialist
Admir SmailjiBA in MLD Engineering
Prim.dr. Amra Zvizdić- Microbiology and Parasitology Specialist