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Dental clinic “Quick Smile”

Zmaja od Bosne 7/6, 71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 212 089
+ 387 33 444 333

Working hours

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday  08:00-13:00




About Us

Dental practice Quick Smile was opened in 1998. Polyclinic is equipped with the latest and the most sophisticated equipment, thus our team consists of qualified staff specialized in all aspects of the dentistry field. With the state of the art equipment and digital panoramic X Kodak 800, we are capable of providing our patients with fast and complete dental service. This health care facility combines the expertise from all dental branches with the special accent on dental prosthetics and dental implanthology. We value the team work in combination with an individual approach to ensure maximum quality service for our patients. We unwearyingly strive to meet every patients needs in achieving aesthetics of smile and great functionality of prosthetic work.




dr. Amela MrzićDental Prosthetics Specialist
Prof. sci. med Hasan PiranićDentist, Oral Surgery and Implantology Specialist
dr. Kornelija PjevićDentist, Oral Surgery and Implantology Specialist
Mersija ZornićDental Nurse
Sanela KulićDental Nurse
Tarik BrkanićDental Male Nurse
Elmira MilićevićAdministrative Assistance