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Pharmacy Remedia Ltd.

Kranjčevićeva 37, 71000 Sarajevo
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About Us

Remedia Ltd. Sarajevo was registered in April 1992. Because of the aggression on B&H, it reinstated its work in August 1996 and established a health institution Pharmacy Remedia Sarajevo. We signed the first contract with the company Octapharma AG Swicerland in 1997, with the company Boehringer Ingelham Austria in 2003, with the company Zambon Switzerland, Angelini Italy, Poli Industry Italy and Bonifar Serbia in 2005.

Remedia Ltd. continued the cooperation with Octapharma AG and Angelini, Zabmon, Poli industry and Bonifar in 2013.

Our association employs 8 employees, 6 of which possess university degrees and 2 with secondary education degree.

Remedia Ltd. specializes in representing foreign pharmaceutical companies in B&H. Our work mostly relates to research of the market and marketing and promotion of products of pharmaceutical companies.

The core principles of our company are persistence, flexibility, creativity and self-promotion. Our vision originates from the stated principles that represent the core values of “Remedia”.

Vision of the company mirrors in the desire to become the B&H brand that will be recognizable not only in B&H and region, but also beyond those territorial limits. We want to become a synonym for knowledge, persistence in work and strength. We want to widen our business and number of representatives, and find new activities and jobs presenting adequate challenges for our team.

Our mission is to successfully conduct marketing activities on the entire territory of the B&H, increasing market share and coordinating the logistics so that the market could always be supplied with medications of the producers we represent. By everyday contact and creating quality relationship with our workers, we tend to incorporate at least a fraction of our own knowledge and information about efficiency and quality of representing pharmaceutical products.