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Eurofarm Centar Pharmacy

Butmirska cesta 10 , 71000 Sarajevo
+38733 77 30 24




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About Us

Aiming that all citizens of capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina be provided with a top pharmaceutical service, regardless of their location, Eurofarm Centar decided to arrange its pharmacies in the busiest locations, where the pharmaceutical service will be available for everyone Eurofarm Centar opened its first pharmacy in 1999 in Ilidža, later spreading its activities to all municipalities of Sarajevo.

Aware of the fact that in today’s time the need for expert medical help to the big number of our citizens is indispensable, Eurofarm Centar tried to make the road to better health easier to all the people of Sarajevo. Why would our citizens have to sit on a tram, trolley or in a taxi and spend their time and extra funds, when they deserve to have a quality and accessible service at their disposal? Eurofarm Centar is here because of you, for you!