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Medical – biochemical laboratory Prolab

Nikole Kolumbića Šake do br. 22, lidža, 71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 776 280
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About Us

Prolab Sarajevo is the biggest private medical –biochemical laboratory in Bosnia and Herzegovina in which you can do various analysis from the field of biochemistry, haematology, coagulation and immunochemistry, as well as DNA analysis performed in cooperation with company Genos from Zagreb.

The purpose of establishing this laboratory is to offer a reliable service for the affordable prices in accordance with the financial situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but not to deviate away from the world standard of control of quality. Understanding the needs of the market, our goal is to enable a wide spectre of medical biochemical analysis, with expert team consultations.

Medical-biochemical laboratory Prolab has been registered by the Decision of the Ministry of Health of Sarajevo Canton no. 10-37-10800 / 13 of 11.10.2013.

Laboratory is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment of top world producers of laboratory devices like Siemens, Abbott, Olympus, Eppendorf and others. We are the first private laboratory with implemented laboratory informational system that enables a reliable work and tracking, as well as insight into each patient’s results of the analysis in any moment after issuing those results.

Feel free to talk to us in a trusted manner about any question in the area of medical – laboratory diagnostics, because we are the centre created for that type of consultation.