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BIH Medical Laboratory

Stupska 1F, Stup , 71210 Sarajevo
+387 33 628 302
+387 61 160 638
+387 33 628 302




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About Us

BIH Medical laboratory is the first private laboratory in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With great effort on our part and support of our friends, BIH Medical laboratory was founded in 01.03.1999. With hard working team we fast became a reliable and quality laboratory which constantly keeps track of current and introducing new analysis. Biochemical, immunochemical, haematological and microbiological parasite analysis are done in the Ilidza laboratory and our partner laboratory in the centre of Sarajevo. Methods of work are in accordance with highest European standards of good laboratory practice.

Permanent goals of the laboratory are:

  • Preserving full trust in BIH Medical laboratory
  • Continuously educating the staff of the laboratory and the users of our services
  • Conducting expert and organizational measures to ensure and increase quality of laboratory services
  • Enabling that eventual user complains are resolved quickly and for the benefit of the patient
  • Eliminating the cause of mistakes